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The Magic Mirror add-on from Virtooal allows your customers to try products on their own photo. Your conversions will grow and the number of complaints and returns will be effectively reduced.

How is that possible?

Customer satisfaction while shopping in the high street stores lies in the possibility of testing and trying the goods. Most e-shops offer several pictures of the product so the customer can properly inspect it as if he held it in his hands. This is only half the solution. Therefore Virtooal brings you a leap into the future of ecommerce. Get over the last advantage of classical stores with our slogan: First try, then buy!

About The Magic Mirror

Magic mirror is a technology of the future providing realistic product viewing on customer's own photos. It's a way to have fun while shopping and gain the opportunities which were available only for retail stores. Where else can you try out products on your own photo? Only in shops offering Magic Mirror!

Merchant benefits

Magic mirror rapidly increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction, reduces the amount of product returns and curbs the number of complaints. It creates virtual mirrors for each product separately so the shoppers doesn't leave the product page while checking their virtual tryon.

Customer benefits

Magic mirror is an amazing shopping assistant. Just browse in the e-shop and products are instantly displayed on photos of models and users alike. Using Magic mirror means a lot of fun which attracts visitors like a magnet and they will gladly return to your website to use Magic mirror and buy Your products over and over again.

Features and Implementation

  • HTML5 technology - works on Android, IOS and Windows modern browsers
  • no programming skills needed
  • easy to implement
  • suitable for: makeup, clothing, accessories, jewelry, glasses, colored lenses
  • customizable graphic layout
  • very easy product integration

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